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Priority #1: Get Out the Vote! (May 4th)
This is where we need the most help. Are you willing to go door-to-door on Saturday, May 4th (the weekend before the election) to talk with voters? We'll kick the day off with a catered meal and then hit the sidewalk in groups to talk with voters for a few hours!
Priority #2: Door-to-Door during Early Voting
The most effective ways to talk with voters is to meet them where they're at! We'll always canvas in groups and food will be involved!
Priority #3: Phone Calls
We have phone numbers for a good majority of folks in our district. If you'd rather chat with folks on the phone and/or leave a message, let me know and I'll get you a list.
Priority #4: Election Day Help
This is the final lap of the campaign! We need folks who are willing to work a shift outside of a polling location on Election Day ginning up support!