An Authentic and Reflective Democracy

Public service is an honor and must be earned — each and every day.

Actionable Steps:

  • Stay Accountable — As a councilman, I will hold monthly office hours in places YOU frequent to make it easier for you to ask questions of me. An involved electorate is the best electorate.

  • Involve citizens of all ages — The median age in Noblesville is 33, five years younger than the median for the entire state. The median age of our council is nearly 60. We can (and must!) do more to engage all ages of residents.

An Invested Future

When we focus on cleaner streets, safer neighborhoods and an economy for everyone, we all win.

  • Clean Roads, Safe Streets — We’ve got great men and women working for our city to ensure our streets are clean and safe. We can always do more to ensure that our infrastructure developments (i.e. road paving) are completed as quickly as possible.

  • Business Incubator & Mentor Program — When I started my business, I was lucky to have a community to surround and support me. Creating a mentor program and encouraging business incubators will help budding entrepreneurs identify resources of support to grow their organizations. We must do more to make it easier for new and innovative ideas sparked in our community to grow and flourish in Noblesville.

Improved Quality of Life

I believe that preserving our downtown is imperative; Growth, is equally important.

  • Make Noblesville a Destination — We can invest in initiatives that draw people from Noblesville and surrounding communities to downtown by molding our square into a destination uniquely our own.

    • Create public access to river with riverwalk

    • Advertise vibrancy and growth downtown via various mediums

    • Provide free wifi and create communal gathering areas to draw people downtown

  • Enact a Building Height Limit — People aren’t against growth and new businesses downtown, rather they are concerned about new developments diminishing the historic beauty of downtown. Enacting a height limit for buildings will ensure new developments do not surpass the height of the courthouse.