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An Exciting, Fresh and Resident-Driven Approach TO Noblesville’s future


MEET Aaron

small business owner | Husband | Proud Hoosier


Protect what we have

I believe that preserving our downtown is imperative; Growth, is equally important. By putting safeguards in place, we can ensure that Noblesville remains vibrant, fresh and historic.

Building Height Limit — I’ve found that most people aren’t against growth and new business development downtown, but they are concerned about new developments diminishing the historic beauty of the square. Creative solutions, like embracing the height limit for buildings downtown, will ensure new developments do not surpass the height of the courthouse and maintain the vibrancy of Noblesville we all love.

Clean Roads, Safe Streets — We’ve got great men and women working for our city to ensure our streets are clean and safe. We should continue to take measures to ensure that infrastructure developments (i.e. road paving) are completed as quickly as possible.

Help Homeowners Maintain Homes in Historic Downtown — More than any city in Hamilton County, Noblesville boasts an incredible number of homes of historic value to our community. Let’s do a better job of equipping homeowners with resources to maintain and enhance homes in this special part of town.

PROmote who we are

Make Noblesville a Destination — We can invest in initiatives that draw people from Noblesville and surrounding communities to downtown by molding our square into a destination uniquely our own.

  • Enhance and encourage public access to river

  • Equip businesses downtown with resources to draw customers in from Noblesville and surrounding cities

  • Provide free wifi and create communal gathering areas to draw people to the square

Business Incubator & Mentor Program — When I started my business, I was lucky to have a community to surround and support me. Creating a mentor program and encouraging business incubators will help budding entrepreneurs identify resources of support to grow their organizations. We must do more to make it easier for new and innovative ideas sparked in our community to grow and flourish in Noblesville.


Prepare Students for Jobs that Don’t yet Exist — For the past three years, I’ve run a business based on skills that did not exist in the workforce when I was in school. As the economy expands and accelerates at an exponential pace, we must continue utilizing the businesses in our community to give students hands-on experiences to prepare them for careers in the field.

Create the Noblesville of Tomorrow — It’s on the public leaders in Noblesville to create and foster a vibrant downtown to attract businesses and jobs. By taking proactive steps now, we can embrace the characteristics of the city we love, build on the foundation that has been laid and create new opportunities for businesses and families to come and succeed in Noblesville in the future.

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Next Steps — IT’s EASy!

1. Connect with Aaron
I want to hear your dreams and vision for Noblesville. Let’s set up time to talk, whether that’s over a cup of coffee, via text or on the phone during your commute.

2. Jump In
In order to deliver on our promises, we need to know where our numbers are and what streets we need to hit harder. Let us know you’re “in” by supporting the campaign below.

3. Lend your talents
We’ve got plenty of fun ways to volunteer both with others and on your own. Whether you live in Noblesville or somewhere else, the more voices we have in this campaign, the better!

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